You lose 1/16/15

We learned how to use knifes better today, we sliced vegetables and put them in a pot of boiling water, made french-fries and…… uh……. ate them.

Found a cool picture this morning, I used as a wallpaper.A cool wallpaper


Dungeons and Dragons happened today, we were stuck is a hole and we used my “change to parallel universe” ability and there was a monster and we almost died and stuff.

Today I learned…… ummm…………cooking, potatoes……… Yum

Things that I want to learn are….

more cooking stuff

maybe a few other languages

things that I already know need some practice


Your log cabin is burned down hahahahaaha 1/15/15

Today we went hiking on some hills and stuff on whidbey island and there was cabins and institute with a garden and stuff.

We went into the forest areas and did stuff there, FUN, YAY!

Stuff that I liked doing there was walking and talking, having fun well you are exercising, its like playing “shape up” or “just dance” or something.

Stuff that I did not like was staying in a the cold, but if I was living there I could stay in the nice cabins and talk to people.

Have a funny

Best dad ever?

Saw this on my FB feed the other day and thought it was pretty funny.

and a loading screen that would take time to load


Welcome to City 17 1/14/15

This morning we did wiki trails and stuff……. and a field trip tomorrow.

I defeated the wall of flesh in Terraria and now the world is hardmode……..  ._.

We also did improv and played D&D…. we killed some people and and escaped a prison, the end



yay 1/13/14

Ummm… Hello and again, welcome back to …. uh… school, we hope you had a nice winter break and the portal reference… the actual blog will begin in 3… 2… 1… *end*

We had a big meeting this morning and planned the week… and then I tried super smash bros on Wii U… and then the internet went down so I couldn’t use the computer so I played windwaker  on Wii U…..  ._.

Yeah, not much… here’s a funny thing

kinda goes for all religions

I WUN 12/19/14

played some TF2 and terraria….. how was your day?

potluck in a few minutes

Last day of school, see you in some weeks

the end

Q: whats your school vision…… whatever that means

A: my way of saying that is… I don’t want to answer that right now because I’ll know that I’ll have an evil answer later when my brain is more good

I hope the school will not need a facilitator, and.. be better… somehow…….

THE END – Wheatley



COOKIES 12/18/14

OK um big questions for these last ones

Q: what things are your thankful for this semester

1: Friends

2: a working computer

3: a place to go to escape my family

4: a good school

5: a place were I am happy


Q: what was your favorite project this semester

A: cooking or partying




We did web dev stuff, made like 1 or 2 pictures for the imgur gallery. Yay

Jill is still not working 🙁

I played some Terraria(n) Christmas, the enemies drop presents! another yay, almost ready to defeat skeletron, yay again


Q: whats 5 things you wasted time on this semester?

1: sleeping, only a few times have I took a nap during school but my body’s sleeping schedule has gotten much better.

2: Doing nothing, just siting there, thinking, I have to go into my little worlds in my mind to escape the boredom of life, my imagination is all I have, no girlfriend, no video games, I can’t even have lucid dreams when I sleep, because I “daydream” when trying to fall asleep and when I do fall asleep my brain thinks I’m still daydreaming so I can’t have a lucid dre. ……I need to see a therapist

3: deciding what to put on these lists

4: idk

5: getting distracted


……….. 12/12/14

We did nothing today……..     people watched league of legends all day, and I played games… terraria, starcraft and….. somthin.

I tried to do stuff for the steam holiday auction… I super poor.

The end

Q1: whats the thing that you did this week that you proud of?

A: game unlocks and web dev even tho I didnt help much with web dev.

Q2: whats the most productive thing you did this week?





2SPOOKY4ME 12/11/14

I did stuff…….

ducks were added to Team Fortress 2

I had some progress in Terraria, umm yay?

I wanted to play starcraft, but no one could host a game and I also wanted to work with Jill BUT JILLSSTILL BROKEN.

Meat boy died                                                                                                                  RIP in giblets

I did, like 1 picture for the website content

I want to do more productive stuff just so I can fill this blog up with more….. stuff.