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Candy Apples 3/4/15

We want to the garden and spooked chickens and cats.




Living in northeast...


Counter-Strike Teaches you Russian 2/20/15

I killed some virtual humans, monsters and aliens today, and went to the park for….. some……. flying disks

I try to be a good parent

I’m just going to put this here, just in case

Harry Potter

They are real

I like pizza

Q: Doctor Who?

A: 10th or Professor Utonium or just Ze Medic

Top 5 FPS (story)

1 Half-life/Portal

2 Bioshock Infinite witch I still don’t understand

3 Team Fortress

4 Uh.. left 4 dead?

5….. Serious Sam…. I don’t play many FPS

Tape ends

Not cooking….. 2/18/15

We spent all our time outside today……..

First we went to the park and threw around a Frisbee and ran around and stuff.

Then we got back and did permaculture by planting peas in the ground, Yay

After that we went inside and learned a new system for the kanban.

Q: What is carbon sequestration?

A: copy and pasted from dictionary “The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir.” Yes I know the meaning, (now).

Q: What are some ideas for something to do?

1 Visit Valve HQ

2 Animate a cartoon

3 do a thing

4 get money

5 ??????

6 profit!

The end/fin/R.I.P.


I’m tired 2/13/15

I’m not sane enough to blog so expect this to be worse that my already bad other blogs.

We played more co-op games and stuff….  …

We played with clay, we went to the park, we climbed a tree…. and we…… uh idk, i’m tired.

Q: what are you going to do for valentines day?

A: Be forever alone, like always not having friends that I can always work with …… uh, my time with friends is limited… err… sumthin.

List: 5 Fears

1: putting my weaknesses on the internet……



4: you can’t know any of this

5: I’m not telling you anything


Ka-booooom 2/12/15

Today we played a lot of TF2 and had fun, because playing with friends is fun. YAY One round I stood on the cart as heavy the whole round.

We played a round of Starcraft II, Drew distracted Jerry well I build an army, then when drew died I got his money witch made me even more powerful and I won.

…………. Um, we also ante lunch?…. and something else besides play co-op games.

Q: What do you love about the people and ALC?

A: They are not my family….. oh, they are good friends of whatever

Q: what do you love about yourself?

A: I have the ability to be happy and that I’m not a dumbass

I don’t know what to put at the end, so here is Discord

Sorry, you have failed 1/23/15

We watched “The Interview” a controversial movie…. yea

A Chinese class also happened, we learned some more characters.

and we played D&D today, our team is awful, we had to cross a bridge and we broke it instead of something good happening….  so we fell down a pit and I’m adding some people to my kill list.

So,  Drew the faciliTATER is going to be gone for the next 2 weeks and we need to set intentions for what we are going to do for when he is not here……..

I want to uhhhhh…… sometimes its better to see what comes to you but then that you would have less control……. IDK I just want to learn stuff.


Don’t let people think for you 1/22/15

Don’t let people think for you, think for yourself but let people give you advice and help you………

Today we went to an art museum… it was small with like 3 exhibits but it was pretty cool.

After we got back we talked about permaculture and farming and compost and stuff

also we have to answer questions about compost. (I can’t answer all of them so here just a few)

Building a box or buying a plastic bin?

I would buy a bin, because some bins are designed to let the good compost drain to the bottom with a  drawer.

Where are we going to put it?

Um… certain things don’t work in compost so we would have to find out what is good.

How much work do you want to put into it?

As much as… uh…… more people than just me are going to work on this to I would say….. I DON’T KNOW I just want to farm some eatable leaf(s).

END OF ?’s

I baked cookies, with marshmallows and chocolate so.. s’more cookies.

I died to the final form of the final boss in FTL….. SO CLOSE


GAME OVER : YOU SUCK hahahhahahha

……?/record 1/20/15

Today we went to the park and people played games and I did a little doodling, we also talked some interesting discussions.

iDum, the apple product.

And somehow that took all day…. :/   ……uh I played Half Life: Opposing force……… and uhhh

We worked on the awareness board ……. I don’t know, time went fast :/

Q: what is your talent?

A: uuuhhhhh……………….. drawing???

Q: whats 5 things you like to do outside

1: breathing (if its not freezing outside)

2: thinking

3: more mundane tasks

4: camping

5: 6 Flags/zoo/amusement park

Here are stuff


Korra thing



Great wallpapers