Counter-Strike Teaches you Russian 2/20/15

I killed some virtual humans, monsters and aliens today, and went to the park for….. some……. flying disks

I try to be a good parent

I’m just going to put this here, just in case

Harry Potter

They are real

I like pizza

Q: Doctor Who?

A: 10th or Professor Utonium or just Ze Medic

Top 5 FPS (story)

1 Half-life/Portal

2 Bioshock Infinite witch I still don’t understand

3 Team Fortress

4 Uh.. left 4 dead?

5….. Serious Sam…. I don’t play many FPS

Tape ends

Not cooking….. 2/18/15

We spent all our time outside today……..

First we went to the park and threw around a Frisbee and ran around and stuff.

Then we got back and did permaculture by planting peas in the ground, Yay

After that we went inside and learned a new system for the kanban.

Q: What is carbon sequestration?

A: copy and pasted from dictionary “The process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir.” Yes I know the meaning, (now).

Q: What are some ideas for something to do?

1 Visit Valve HQ

2 Animate a cartoon

3 do a thing

4 get money

5 ??????

6 profit!

The end/fin/R.I.P.


I’m tired 2/13/15

I’m not sane enough to blog so expect this to be worse that my already bad other blogs.

We played more co-op games and stuff….  …

We played with clay, we went to the park, we climbed a tree…. and we…… uh idk, i’m tired.

Q: what are you going to do for valentines day?

A: Be forever alone, like always not having friends that I can always work with …… uh, my time with friends is limited… err… sumthin.

List: 5 Fears

1: putting my weaknesses on the internet……



4: you can’t know any of this

5: I’m not telling you anything


Ka-booooom 2/12/15

Today we played a lot of TF2 and had fun, because playing with friends is fun. YAY One round I stood on the cart as heavy the whole round.

We played a round of Starcraft II, Drew distracted Jerry well I build an army, then when drew died I got his money witch made me even more powerful and I won.

…………. Um, we also ante lunch?…. and something else besides play co-op games.

Q: What do you love about the people and ALC?

A: They are not my family….. oh, they are good friends of whatever

Q: what do you love about yourself?

A: I have the ability to be happy and that I’m not a dumbass

I don’t know what to put at the end, so here is Discord