Don’t let people think for you 1/22/15

Don’t let people think for you, think for yourself but let people give you advice and help you………

Today we went to an art museum… it was small with like 3 exhibits but it was pretty cool.

After we got back we talked about permaculture and farming and compost and stuff

also we have to answer questions about compost. (I can’t answer all of them so here just a few)

Building a box or buying a plastic bin?

I would buy a bin, because some bins are designed to let the good compost drain to the bottom with a  drawer.

Where are we going to put it?

Um… certain things don’t work in compost so we would have to find out what is good.

How much work do you want to put into it?

As much as… uh…… more people than just me are going to work on this to I would say….. I DON’T KNOW I just want to farm some eatable leaf(s).

END OF ?’s

I baked cookies, with marshmallows and chocolate so.. s’more cookies.

I died to the final form of the final boss in FTL….. SO CLOSE


GAME OVER : YOU SUCK hahahhahahha

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