We did web dev stuff, made like 1 or 2 pictures for the imgur gallery. Yay

Jill is still not working 🙁

I played some Terraria(n) Christmas, the enemies drop presents! another yay, almost ready to defeat skeletron, yay again



Q: whats 5 things you wasted time on this semester?

1: sleeping, only a few times have I took a nap during school but my body’s sleeping schedule has gotten much better.

2: Doing nothing, just siting there, thinking, I have to go into my little worlds in my mind to escape the boredom of life, my imagination is all I have, no girlfriend, no video games, I can’t even have lucid dreams when I sleep, because I “daydream” when trying to fall asleep and when I do fall asleep my brain thinks I’m still daydreaming so I can’t have a lucid dre. ……I need to see a therapist

3: deciding what to put on these lists

4: idk

5: getting distracted


2 thoughts on “LETS GO HFISHING 12/16/14”

  1. I used to lucid dream quite a bit, it’s like anything else you just need to practice. I’d be happy to work with you on this, we could even take “productive” naps during school!

  2. massive win on sleep cycles, nick!

    Also: I’ve started thinking that boredom is like that brief moment between inhaling and exhaling. In a creative cycle, I find that before I get really inspired by something I have to give just enough time to feel bored so that the next inspiring thing grabs me.

    You are not crazy. Just your mind saying: “heeeeeeey! let’s do something!!”

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