I WUN 12/19/14

played some TF2 and terraria….. how was your day?

potluck in a few minutes

Last day of school, see you in some weeks

the end

Q: whats your school vision…… whatever that means

A: my way of saying that is… I don’t want to answer that right now because I’ll know that I’ll have an evil answer later when my brain is more good

I hope the school will not need a facilitator, and.. be better… somehow…….

THE END – Wheatley



COOKIES 12/18/14

OK um big questions for these last ones

Q: what things are your thankful for this semester

1: Friends

2: a working computer

3: a place to go to escape my family

4: a good school

5: a place were I am happy


Q: what was your favorite project this semester

A: cooking or partying




We did web dev stuff, made like 1 or 2 pictures for the imgur gallery. Yay

Jill is still not working ūüôĀ

I played some Terraria(n) Christmas, the enemies drop presents! another yay, almost ready to defeat skeletron, yay again



Q: whats 5 things you wasted time on this semester?

1: sleeping, only a few times have I took a nap during school but my body’s sleeping schedule has gotten much better.

2: Doing nothing, just siting there, thinking, I have to go into my little worlds in my mind to escape the boredom of life, my imagination is all I have, no girlfriend, no video games, I can’t even have lucid dreams when I sleep, because I “daydream” when trying to fall asleep and when I do fall asleep my brain thinks I’m still daydreaming so I can’t have a lucid dre. ……I need to see a therapist

3: deciding what to put on these lists

4: idk

5: getting distracted


……….. 12/12/14

We did nothing today…….. ¬† ¬† people watched league of legends all day, and I played games… terraria, starcraft and….. somthin.

I tried to do stuff for the steam holiday auction… I super poor.

The end

Q1: whats the thing that you did this week that you proud of?

A: game unlocks and web dev even tho I didnt help much with web dev.

Q2: whats the most productive thing you did this week?





2SPOOKY4ME 12/11/14

I did stuff…….

ducks were added to Team Fortress 2

I had some progress in Terraria, umm yay?

I wanted to play starcraft, but no one could host a game and I also wanted to work with Jill BUT JILLSSTILL BROKEN.

Meat boy died                                                                                                                  RIP in giblets

I did, like 1 picture for the website content

I want to do more productive stuff just so I can fill this blog up with more….. stuff.



I didn’t do much today, we do less stuff on Tuesdays….. cause we’re like, tired or something.

I forgot what happened, because nothing happened I played meat boy and terraria, and we sent an Email to Valve HQ to request an invitation, so we can visit Valve HQ, so we can learn… stuff.

Oh well, here are some pictures

I'll probably beheading to hell for this. . .



Insert title here 12/4/14

Today, we did stuff with the Jill the 3D printer…. and printed some stuff.

Ja, good

This cat looks like Guppy

"You've destroyed my home. I will hunt you forever."

I played starcraft, TF2 and Terraria again.

In that 1 round of TF2 the enemy team was winning but I went backburner pyro and sneaked be hind them and no one got to the bomb cart after that.


Looking for love in Alderaan places...

More stuff we did…. swam in the pool, wiki trails and improv.

…And we’re done here, that’s all I can remember.

Question that I made for myself: What is the the website that you go on the most that is not owned by Google

A: Ummmm steampowered.com ???…. I guess…..

The higher the you climb the mountain, the harder the wind blows 12/3/14

We did hide and seek, indoor mode, and had a small pizza party.

I helped clean the lamp that we are going to sell…. and get moniez for…. the school and stuff.

I also played lots of games,  specifically Terraria, Starcraft, Isaac and TF2.

Q: Whats the animal that most describes your day?

A: an american, because they sit around on the computer, indoors all day and eat pizza and snacks.

Q: what are your 5 favorite games in your steam library as of today? In no order

A: Team Fortress 2, Terraria, The binding of Isaac, FTL and Super meat boy


I have some time to use 12/2/14

I did…. starcaft…. 2…… starter edition

you must construct additional pylons

to buy the full version .

I did a very ¬†short session of tf2… Jerry is the worst no-scoper… especially with the the¬†machina.

And… I drew a boat and had a small web dev meeting

and I played Isaac