A Hat 11/26/14


How do I upvote someone in public

We played a game of Starcaft… I played TF2 and Isaac,

well other people played just dance (2014) and weaved… with tree

I’m getting a little better at starcraft and I want to get better at rocket jumping as soldier.

Q 1: what was something you did today without electricity?

A: Umm… Drank water???

Q 2: What are things you are thankful for ? cuz thanksgiving

A: 1 Medics and health kits

2 Luck



5 The great voice actors of the games…. that…. I…… play

A little bit… boring 11/25/14

I didn’t do too much to day,

Played some Isaac challenges, I wanted to play starcraft but… nobody really played a game.

Guns are cool

You see Ivan

That’s it… we watched a small LWT thing……………. FIN

Q1: what were 5 emotions you had today

A: 1 hungry 2 not hungry 3 happy 4 undecided 5 undecided

I might be useful 11/21/14


Oh, if I could veit...

We did web dev, improv and I played some TBoI….

Thats all I can remember

Neat stuff!

Q: What was the most productive thing you did today

A: web dev stuff… uh typing  paragraphs…… Idk

I don’t know how to blog, I just list the things that I do because  Idk how to go into detail.

How many of these do you agree with?

Byte down hard baby


Making a title is cleshay 11/20/14

Americans are dumb/annoying

This happens way too often...

they are also fat


and very rarely smart

Reasons to Like France

We cooked fried rice…. then ate it the end

Q2: what was the biggest experience today

A:killing mega satan

then we did more improv sssstuff

and the rest I don’t remember

Q1: what was hell for you today

A: nothing if you picked any other day to ask this question I would have an answer

the end



Yay 11/19/14

We…… played hide and seek after playing just dance on PS4

Q of the day 1 : Things to do in the future

play skyrim eventually

The real way we play skyrim

complete HL2 EP3 if it comes out and……. I cant answer that

Q2: What was your biggest accomplishment today?

A: golden god2014-11-19_00001

I really  cant think of something to put into this blog and I’m in a hurry so ………..*#)@&(@^!)*&#^% CRASHED AGAIN

Stuff that happened 11/18/14

We made smoothies today and I unlocked the D6 in Issac

GUN LEASH get for your pets

Heel, motherfucker.

then we went for a swim in the pool

after that we had a meeting to get a better idea of what we were going to do for web dev

Q: what sucks about being sick

A: lasting a long time, PAIN, VOMIT,  Sleeping and missing out on life and a possibility of death….

…like this guy


Magical stuff 11/14/14



Can't win

watch this for a few hours instead of reading the rest of this

we played the game of life… I really don’t know how to go into details

and we did a web dev meeting

cool Issac combo that I found




Stuff I did 11/12/14 here a really long title for this blog thing wow you read the whole thing good for you here is a cookie

here some pots


We did more improv stuff today

and watched a movie after some story telling by….

)@&#^%&#%()#**$*$@(#+(*#()$ GOOLE MAPS HAS CRASHED

after that I defeated Issac as Judas

and then we talked about… farming or something

5 things I would want to do more of…

1Improvofcorse 2 play games forever 3 watch more movies

4 number stuff cuz its really useful

5 browse imgur more